Here you can find some videos about:

  • the services present inside the Savona Campus
  • some information about the university student career
  • the courses offered at Savona and Imperia Campuses

The Savona Campus services

The university student career

Our courses

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Energy end Industrial Production

B.Sc. Communication Sciences, M.Sc. Digital Humanities – Communication and New Media, M.Sc. Valorisation of the Territory and Sustainable Tourism

B.Sc. Sport Sciences and Health

M.Sc. Energy Engineering

M.Sc. Management Engineering

M.Sc. Engineering for Natural Risk Management

Courses at polo universitario di Imperia

B.Sc. Tourism Sciences

M.Sc. (5 years) in Law

The Student Desk inside the Savona Campus can provide all the information about the degree courses offered inside the Campus by using Skype. More details are availbale here.