The energy management system

The control room represents the “brain” of the Smart Polygeneration Microgrid. It hosts the servers on which operate supervision systems of the electric grid (Siemens PAS/WINCC) and of the thermal/mechanical one (Siemens DESIGO). Such systems offer the possibility to check the operational status of all the elements of the grid, to execute commands over the same grids and they have a fundamental role of support in ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance processes, being able to report anomalies and faults. The actual management of the energy flows of the SPM is acted by Siemens DEMS (Decentralized Energy Management System), a software that can provide consumption forecasts, planning of the operations of the microgrid, a real time control of power generation, storage and (controllable) consumption units, and finally, a monitor and control of the exchange with the external grid.

Last update 10 July 2023