Photovoltaic field (21 kWp) on the roof

Impianto fotovoltaico sul tetto

The photovoltaic field installed on the roof of the SEB is characterized by a peak power of about 21 kWp. 85 modules are used, covering an area of about 140 m2. With an estimated yearly energy production of about 26000 kWh, it can cover about the 80% of the building demand.

The main characteristics of the modules are:

  • 4 busbar high-efficiency cells decrease ohmic losses and increase the yield
  • Tempered 3.2 mm safety glass for optimal mechanical stability and transparency
  • High stability against wind (2400 Pascal) and snow (5400 Pascal)
  • Maximum resistance against hail (83 km/h)
  • Water repellent, high transmittance and anti-reflective glass coating, to increase yield and avoid dust deposition
Last update 10 July 2023